NALW 2013 logoThe second week of September is Assisted Living Week. It is a time to gather the community of residents, family, staff, and neighbors to share and to celebrate this special population. The theme for this year is Homemade Happiness.

The National Center for Assisted Living has created a wonderful resource brimming with ideas.Whether you are a staff member, a community groups wanting to reach in, or a family member, you will find ideas to inspire.

As is my tradition, here are some supporting ideas for adding special music to help make this week sing.

Happiness Heroes

If you hold an event, the following could be support music about heroes.  Why not have a discussion about heroes using songs to discuss aspects they may have.

Homemade Treats

Food is a favorite way to bring people together. Singing while food bakes, while you decorate it, or as you prepare it can be fun. Make ice cream in a bag or by kicking a can.

Sing songs that mention foods:

Discussions about healthcare can include appliances and tools.

Happiness is Where the Art Is

Share singable books in intergenerational groups like “I Ain’t Gonna Paint”.

Be sure and check out last year’s Arts for the Ages post filled with songs about all types of art. Here are some more resources:

Happiness is a Warm Puppy

“How much is that Doggie in the Window” immediately springs to mind. Of course, some may like other animals! Resources for cats and a variety of animals are here to help you out.

Healthy Homemade Habits

Explore ways to move and music-based wellness.

Young at Heart

Discuss the lyrics of “Young at Heart”. Do participants agree or disagree? Why or why not?

Have a great time creating Homemade Happiness. Remember, it can be appropriate any week of the year.

If you enjoy these ideas and would more of them, sign-up for Bright Ideas!  Indicating the version that best meets your interest. It is free and delivered via email.

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