This is the last week of the Art for Health, for Life series. This week we are exploring music therapy. Yes, I could have written this post, but I wanted you to meet an amazing friend of mine.
Sheri Clark, MT-BCHello! Please introduce yourself.
My name is Sheri Clark, MME, MT-BC. I have been a practicing music therapist since 1994.  My Bachelor of Music Therapy degree is from Phillips University in Enid, OK.  My Master of Music Education (Music Therapy) is from The University of Kansas.
Throughout most of my music therapy career, I have served the terminally ill and their families, including work in children’s bereavement.  I have also done some practice with a client with Alzheimer’s and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.
What interested you about music therapy?  
The ability to use music, something that I enjoy greatly and have been blessed with talent, to benefit the lives of others.  I feel blessed that, each day, I get to provide peace, comfort, and joy to my patients and families, at what is the most difficult time in their lives.  I have served all ages and many cultures.
How does someone become a music therapist?
Visit the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) website to find out what 70+ schools in the United States offer music therapy degrees.  Educational requirements are also highlighted there.
If someone wants to learn more about your work, where should they go?
There is a wealth of information about music therapy on the AMTA website. You can follow me on Facebook

On behalf of Petra, Brigitta, Sheri and myself, thank you for reading this series . 

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