All work and no play can make any of us a little less creative, a little low in energy. (Or, at least it does me!)

The last couple months  I’ve been enjoying the programs I offer, the presentations I have given, the family events, the yard work, the scheduling, the meetings…being busy with life.

A recharge with time away from the normal schedule of life was in order.

We took time away from the internet (yes, we did check in a few minutes each day) and spent time with extended family. Each day we scheduled one thing to enjoy, a walk on the beach, and family time. No music making. No practicing. Lots of enjoying. Lots of visiting.

We played tourist . We took time away to look up and admire ceilings.

Ceiling of Ca d'zan dining room 2

We stepped away from our norm and walked bridges. We took time away to see the details around us.

Beach 2

We took time away to enjoy each other.Time Away Together

My re-entry to work life was bridged by a conference – Generations United. It gave me time away to meet new people and learn about their efforts in intergenerational relationships. People from across the globe were in attendance. This was a time away to recharge my intergenerational focus.

There were wonderful speakers and presenters. A panel discussion moderated by Juan Williams of Fox News focused on the need to help the most vulnerable of all ages. We were encouraged to advocate from a lens of shared values rather than a program focus. The concept of this being a time of resetting rather than one of austerity was lifted. It is time to get out and beta test!

This was followed by looking at how Shakespeare portrayed age and seeing what it can teach us about mentoring and service. If you ever have a chance to see the Wilmington Shakespeare Company, DO! They are using theater with community programs to strengthen intergenerational relationships.

I attended my first “Speed Match”. (Think of it as speed dating for conference participants. This is something that needs to be a regular part of conferences.)

Dates to observe, sites to visit, and sources for funding were highlighted. Technology connections are a developing area for facilitated connections. Guided by Joe Lambert from the Center for Digital Storytelling we shared images and stories inspired by “Grandma’s Hands”. This presentation has inspired me to look at some new ideas for sessions.

Presenting at the conference was an added pleasure. If you would like to receive highlights of my presentation, connect with me here.

I took time away from the conference to enjoy some of the sights of Washington, D.C. with my daughter. Time with her is always special and amazing joy for me. One of our favorites was the night tour on Big Bus Tours.

Lincoln Memorial at night

After this time away, I have a new energy for my work. Time away has recharged my creativity and my energy. The fall offerings and sessions seem fresh and new. It has reminded me of the importance of quality time with family enjoying the small things in life.

No matter who we are we need time away to recharge. What are your favorite ways to recharge?


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