button-art-4-h-signatureAs I shared in the previous post, art is many things. Most do agree it is a way to express ourselves and sometimes to learn about ourselves.

Here’s the thing, I know being creative can be healthy. (Check out  The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature Heather L. Stuckey, Jeremy Nobel Am J Public Health. 2010 February; 100(2): 254–263. )

On a personal level I know I am filled with joy while I am immersed in the process. It adds a special quality and purpose for my life. I know art can at times be fun. And, at times it is a struggle.

Art has been a fun way to connect with someone others I love. Whether it was chalk or shaking cream drawings with my daughter when she was young, accompanying my husband as he played an instrumental solo, singing with my sister, or drumming with friends – I have great memories of these moments.

More importantly, I know as a mom and as a healthcare professional, I’ve had periods of not taking the time or energy for nurturing my creativity. We have to set aside time for being creative but everything is pulling at our time. And there’s the cost of classes, materials or instruments…

With that in mind, I teamed together with an art therapist, a dance/movement therapist, and a fellow music therapist to create a resource with caregivers in mind – Arts for Health, for Life.

In the four posts you’ll meet some amazing therapists who share ideas to connect with yourself and art.

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