art is an offering

art is an offering (Photo credit: shankargallery)

A few weeks ago I asked my friends to complete the statement “Art is ____.”  The responses included the following:

  • “all around us”
  • “opinion”
  • “moving”
  • “what I try to make each day”
  • “where we find it…where we make it”

My bet is how you complete this sentence is based upon your experiences.

Forms of art

There are many forms of art – paintings, sculptures, dance, art, music, poetry (just to name a few). All of them have various forms and mediums. All of them allow a means of expression. All call upon our creative nature.

There are professional and non-professionals creating these various forms of art.

There are therapies that have sprung up around these various art forms. Each is unique in the training they require. Yet all of them strive toward wholeness and a quality life.

What to expect from Art for Health, for Life

Each Monday in August 2013 will have a post sharing an art related topic for the week. Along the way you will meet various creative arts therapist, learn about their professions, and how they came to the field.

These conversations are interesting and informative. For those wanting to dive a little deeper, we invite you to enroll now in “Art for Health, for Life” by subscribing or updating your subscription to include this option. Four newsletters will offer books that can assist you in learning and exploring more along with simple, brief exercises to try. It is our hope they will free and excite the creativity within you.

These newsletters will only be available during August 2013 with enrollment closing August 24th.

Join us today!

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