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Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of sharing information on music and music therapy with healthcare professionals in northwest Kansas through the KU Medical Center – Area Health Education Center.

Much of the session focused on when the prescription is music and what non- music therapist can do.  While acknowledging nurses (a majority of those in attendance) have little free time, we talked about ways they could share a little music themselves, empower volunteers and family members to use music, and to increase awareness of the appropriateness of music around facility.

Here are highlights of what was shared:

Here are some of the shared resources:

Some of the other questions:

1) Where do you get your drums and shakers? – My preferred vendor is West Music. Their staff includes music therapist who can answer your questions on how to sanitize it, considerations you may need to know, and other questions.  My favorite drums are those by Remo as they has a history of durability based upon my experiences.

2) What do we need to know about copyright? – Let me clarify I am not a lawyer. I am referring you  to some great posts by non-lawyer but gifted music therapist, Rachelle Norman.

The issue of public and private space is covered in these posts. Bottom line, unless you have music you have purchased that clearly states it is approved for you to make copies, DO NOT COPY the music or the CD.

3) Is there one kind of music or particular song I can use where residents are agitated to calm them down especially when there is a group of them? – The short answer is unless they all happen to enjoy the same style of music and the same songs, no. However, if you take the time to know their preferences, you might find a piece that would work. 

4) Is there an app for that? The apps I shared are:


Music therapy is not appropriate for all people. The more complexed the diagnosis, the greater the potential for the prescription to be music therapy.  If your facility lacks a board certified music therapist, you may visit the Certification Board for Music Therapists to locate one in your state or to verify the credentials of the individual.

Would you like to have a presentation by JoAnn at your facility or with your organization? Contact me and let’s see what we can work out.

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