Hand-made dolls.

Hand-made dolls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chances are, most women today would not be thrilled to have someone refer to the as “you beautiful doll”. Yet, this 1911 song was meant as a compliment. It is still sung by young and old alike.

Dolls are a common childhood toy. They have been made from a variety of materials and ranged from simple to ornate. Doll clothes, doll houses, doll furniture – there is so much around the world of dolls.

National Doll Day is August 4th. Host an intergenerational event and explore them together. Rather than exploring the pros and cons of being referred to as a doll, celebrate the toy that has brought so much joy.

Share their history from the internet, books or videos.

Explore the culture of dolls through the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

Share the history of Raggedy Ann and Andy. See who ever owned one of these dolls or read their stories.

Collect verbal histories of dolls owned by young and old.

Discuss and create paper dolls. Great resources have been pinned.

With a nod to American Girl, have a doll tea party (and don’t forget the dolls).

Share songs that mention “dolls” selecting what is most appropriate to your audience. Here’s a starter list.

  • Four Paper Dolls” by Nancy’s Music This is a great song for counting backwards from four.
  • “I’m a Little Doll” (Are My Ears on Straight) Lyrics found on Bus Songs, original recording  found on YouTube from 1953
  • “Miss Molly Had a Dolly”
  • “Oh, You Beautiful Doll”
  • “Oh, Jolly Playmate”
  • “Paper Doll”
  • “Satin Doll”
  • “The Girl That I Marry”
  • “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie”
  • “Baby Doll” (Andy Williams)

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