What should I carry to work?In my last post, I shared my thoughts on what a caregiver of seniors should carry. Today’s post will answer the “what should I carry” for moms and music therapists.

As a mom, the list of carry items for infants is fairly long and available in many spots. There are even lists for parents of toddlers. The list continues to change as our children grow. When they  become teens, we have hopefully gotten to the point of natural consequences. Yet, I still have some must haves on my carry list.

1. Cell phone – Emergencies happen. Phone booths are becoming a thing of the past.

2. Kleenex – You sneeze. Something drips. These are handy items to carry.

3. Breathe mints or gum – Bad breath happens. Mouths get dry. It is worth having something on hand just in case you or your child needs it.

4. Your ID – It may seem obvious, but as our children become the chauffeur, it is easier to hop in the car and leave the ID at home. Take it! You may need it.

5. Cash – While our society uses credit cards more and more, it is worth carrying a few dollars on yourself. My scenario is usually I need a couple of dollars to send with my child.

6. Keys – Going back to #4, be sure you have a set of house keys and maybe even a second set of car keys on you especially if your child is driving. Should they drop you off at the house and pull away before the house is unlocked, you’ll be glad you have them.

7. A flashlight – Yes, cell phones can be used, but sometimes you need a flashlight. Yes, I have a flashlight app on my smart phone, but I still carry a small flashlight. It is worth it on rainy nights as it saves my phone from getting wet. And, it is something I feel safe sharing with others.

8. Medical cards – Should the unexpected happen, you want your insurance information on you.

9. Something to read – Given the number of times I end of waiting on my child (often through no fault on her side), it is worth having a way to spend my time. If it isn’t electronic, then that #6 flashlight  comes in handy.

10. A bag that fits your style and is just the right size – Any bigger than necessary and you become the appointed carry person. And, just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean you have to give up on style and self-expression.

Whether or not you are a music therapist, you may find some of the next section applies to your business life.

Now for the music therapist –

With over 30 years in the profession here is what I think it is important to carry

1. Business cards – Whether you are self-employed or employed by other, you need to carry a few business cards with you.

2.iPad or music collection – I used to have three-ringed notebooks and books to carry. I am loving my iPad as it lightens my carry load. Just be sure the music is there before you leave the house/office.

3. Recording – They might be on your iPad, on your mp3 player or on CDs. I almost always carry a few recordings with me just in case I need to switch gears in a session, my voice starts to fade, or I need to occupy someone for a moment while attend to another person.

4. Speaker – Yes, there might be one in the room. But, it could have stopped working since you were at that facility, the family removed it from the room, or who knows what. You need a way to share #3 recordings. (Just be glad we aren’t still in the LP days and stereos.)

5. Sanitizer and/or wipes – Germs, muck, whatever. Water can be turned off. At least it is more manageable than 30 years ago.

6. Instrument(s) – Double check that you have your equipment. It saves a lot of stress reworking a session plan if you have what you need.

7. Paper and pen – While electronics are taking over, sometimes pen and paper is still the easiest and most friendly way to leave information. And, it can assist you should the battery on the electronics goes out.

8. Forms – Whether they are hard copies or on your electronics, double-check that you have them.

9. Mindfulness – So, mindfulness is not a physical something to pack, but our clients deserve us being fully present and in the moment with them. That may mean being aware of your own cycle so you can schedule a few minutes to mentally collect yourself at various times in the day.

10. Bag(s) appropriate to carry these items – Thanks to instruments, I can rarely get away with a single bag for the day. Living in an area of weather extremes including big winds, I’ve learned how important it can be to have materials contained. And, being sure I can manage them using appropriate body dynamics, that they don’t stress my hand/should when transporting them, that they fit in my car is so important.

So there you have it – my thoughts on what moms and music therapists. Need to bag some ideas for use with a child or in a session? Sign-up for Bright Ideas and get access to easy to use ideas.


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