Engineer using a slide rule. Note mechanical c...

Engineer using a slide rule. Note mechanical calculator in background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Technology guru I am not! I’m a boomer. I grew up with computers taking up large rooms and requiring program cards in a set order, using a slide rule in math until calculators became an affordable option, and TVs were large and filled with tubes.

Yet, I know that technology has the potential for a positive impact in the lives of many.  It is making it’s way into our lives more and more.

Medicine and therapy are being transformed by technology. The Motley Fool had a recent article “How Apple Accidentally Reformed Healthcare“. There is also a nice article on Apps and Online Tools by The Republic

One of the technology experts I have met online is Klaudia Jurwewicz, owner of Groovy Pink Consulting. She specializes in social media for non-techies and older adults. When I inquired as to what she found interesting , she shared this MSNBC newscast on smartphone use in healthcare. Wow! talk about potential!

When I am considering an app for my iPad I go is Groovy Garfoose. Reviews and recommendations from a person that uses them go a long way to assisting me to make better use (or any use) of technology.

MaKey MaKey is affordable way to transform things into musical instruments and much more (and at a low cost.) While I haven’t personally tested it, it is reportedly easy to use though the wires are a little cumbersome.

While technology is interesting and fun, it is important to remember the person or people with whom we are working are more important. It is important to know when technology and when basic, simple tools (such as paper and pencil) are better for those with whom we assist and work.

Sometimes pulling out a slide rule brings back a memory. Sometimes it is a way for a sage to share a moment with another generation. Sometimes a teen or child sharing an app is a great way for generations to connect.

How do you make  those determinations?

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