building songsBuilding memories involves experiences life. It involves our senses. It can be wrapped in emotions. Memories are the stuff that build lives.

Think about all the senses building can have. The sound of the tools, the smell of cut wood, the sight of what you created, the feel of the tools in your hand.

As a child, it was a special occasion to hold a hammer and help with a project around the house. While my home was not a handyman’s home, I still learned to identify many tools. It has served me well as I have learned a few basic skills as an adult.

In my children’s groups, one of the favorite songs is “Johnny Hammers with One Hammer”. Thinking about this and my building memories, I knew children would get a charger from a session around tools and building.

  • If I had a Hammer – Peter, Paul and Mary: Make up verses about sounds or actions of other tools. For example: “If I had a saw, I’d cut wood in the morning” while making a saw motion. 
  • Bling, Blang – Woody Guthrie
  • Whistle While You Work

Be sure and check out Pre-K Fun for Construction Songs, Poems and Finger Play.

For good measure, here are a few adult songs to help get you in the mood.

  • Hammer and a Nail – Randy Foster r the Indigo Girls
  • We Built This City
  •  Grandpa Was a Carpenter – John Prine
  • Frankie D. Fixer – Jason Mzar
  • Shovel in Hand – Amy Grant

Making instruments can be a fun building project for families. There are some great resources for creating your own. With this theme, why not make a xylophone out of wrenches?

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