six friendsOh I get by with a little help from my friends,
Mmm,I get high with a little help from my friends,
Mmm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends. – John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Friends and family make life a lot more fun. My friends help me, lift me up, and celebrate with me. There are so many wonderful friends, to try to list them would take years.

So today, I am focusing on six friends (sites) that have helped Music Sparks become know as a resource for those working with young, old and both together. Here’s to six wonderful sites that refer others my way!

Please visit their sites and enjoy all the great resources they offer!

#1 Pre-K Pages: This site great theme ideas, lists of books, and lots of downloadable materials for early education. Whether you work in preschool or have a preschooler, you’ll find many helpful items here. This site is a time saver for me. Be sure and check out Vanessa’s store filled themed packets, drams, printables and more.

#2 Teach Preschool: Here is another preschool resource. Deborah has a wealth of songs, art, books and playful learning ideas. Deborah has introduced me to so many wonderful preschool folks! And she has hosted many blog hops so her site is a big asset in my planning.

#3 Listen & Learn Music: Rachel Rambach is a talented music therapist with a knack for writing songs. Her site highlights fun ideas for learning with Music. And, her songs are Kid tested and affordably priced.

#4 Rhythm for Good: If you work with older adults, are looking for fun ideas with Boomwhackers®, or need some drum circle inspiration then check out this site by Kat Fulton. (I have gained so much for my clinical, professional and business life from Kat.) This is one of many sites where this talented music therapist shares with others.

#5 Music Therapy Tween: Michelle’s site is full of musings, information, resources and more.  This woman is more than a talented music therapist. She is the creator of the Boom Tote. If you use Boomwhackers® then you owe it to yourself to purchase a Boom Tote. (I love mine!)

#6 Soundscape Music Therapy: Rachelle Norman is a wonderful music therapist who shares resources test by the elders and caregivers she serves. Whether you are family member providing care or a professional caregiver, you need to check out her site. Her posts assist you in building memories by going past the surface and dive a little deeper.

Who are the six friends or six sites that are supportive of you?

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