Listen to the music

Listen to the music (Photo credit: vagawi )


Listen! What did you hear?

Listening is an important skill. As Speech and Hearing Month draws to a close I wanted to share some child friendly ideas on listening.

Songs and music can be a wonderful way to encourage listening. In a recent library session I shared just that.

Our feature book was  “Ben’s Trumpet” by Rachel Isabora. We made the sounds of the various instruments Ben heard while reading the book. 

We had a lot of fun with “Give Me 5” from Dave Holland’s “Drumagination”. Acting like the clock, we moved to “Syncopated Clock” including the tic-toc and the ring.

We used our listening skills to identify what instrument was being played singing “I’m Listening” between each instruments and then in identifying animal sounds.

I’m Listening (to: It’s Raining) 

I’m listening. I’m listening. My ears are busy listening.

This is the song I like to sing when I hear most anything.

We moved to the high, low and glissandos on a xylophone with the children leading the group. Marie LaBella’s “Listening Boogie” was a big hit.  

Everyone had such a fun time playing with our listening skills we were surprised our time was over.

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What are your favorite listening activities to share with young children?

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