Family Collage

Family activities may often consist of shuttling people from here to there, making sure homework is completed, visiting a grandparent, household tasks and other regularly scheduled stuff. In my book,  lasting memories of family life should focus on fun rather than stuff.

National Family Week is observed at various times throughout the year. In the UK it is May 8-11. With many people making plans for summer, it is as good time to celebrate families no matter the mix – even if it a gathering of close friends.

Do you know someone without family in the area? Adopt them person (or their family) to join with you in activities.

Here are ideas to get the fun rolling.

  • Play games – board games, physical games, jacks, jump rope, cards, pick a game and have some fun. Don’t worry about keeping score.
  • Sing songs. Karaoke is an option. If someone plays piano, guitar, ukulele, or autoharp let them accompany. Needing song ideas? Check out The Neighborhood Sing-along, any of the Silly Dilly Songbooks, or whatever your family enjoys singing.
  • Go for a walk or bike ride. Time like this can allow for exploration and conversation.
  • Have a family talent show. Growing up, this was a regular event. We children would create plays. As we grew older, we’d play instrumental solos. How about reading a favorite poem? Have fun and celebrate everyone’s abilities.
  • Share your family history. Gather your photos into a physical or virtual album.  
  • Share songs about family relationships. This can be an easy way to add ‘family” to the conversation in senior living communities. 
  • Have a family band. Make instruments. Use traditional instruments. Use some mixture of the two.

What fun family activities would you add?

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