Exploring anything with a child can put a whole new perspective on things. Exploring sounds with a child is great fun.

rasps, bugsIn a recent event at the library, bug songs and sounds were paired for a lot of exploration fun for preschoolers. Following our hello song, we sang “The Ants Go Marching” to get us moving and counting.

Following a fun bug story, we counted spots on a ladybug while singing “Ladybug has ___black spot” to the tune of “London Bridges“.

Egg shakers in hand, we sang a “Lots of Bugs in My Garden” shaking when we heard the name of a bug. Then we “buzzed” around while singing “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”  – a partner song to “Three Blind Mice” which can be found on several websites.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.
Bumble bees buzz.
Buzz over here. Buzz over there.
Around and around and around they go.
They Buzz-buzz fast and they buzz-buzz slow.
Oh, Bumble bees buzz.

We danced and rolled “r” sounds to “Rolly Polly in my Guacamole”.

Our librarian, Vanessa North, then shared a fun singable book by Jennifer Ward – “Over in the Garden”. Here’s a short clip to give you a feel for her version on the book. 

Then the real fun started! Exploring sounds of rasps with a spoon in our grasp.

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