Singable book: Jazz BabyThe singable books series is such a hit, it’s time for another installment! This post features “Jazz Baby” by Lisa Wheeler and R. Gregory Christie.  Winner of four 2008 literary awards, this one deserves space in your library.

While there are a variety of jazz books for children, few target the preschool and early elementary ages in as approachable manner as this book.

Author, Lisa Wheeler, has collected some great sound words for this book. They are filled with rhythm and a sense of play. Her website provides some fun ideas for sharing and expanding upon this book.

The images in the book by R. Gregory Christie are eye catching. They add a visual “sound” to the reading. (Explore his website which is truly a GAS!)

For me, jazz is about improvisation, exploration and conversation. This book can support a creative process that can use  these elements.

Consider including The Jazz Three Bears to a story time with this book. Other fun books with jazz for children include:

What are your favorite jazz books for children?

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