Where do we go from here? It is a question we hear in business meetings, in relationships, when traveling. As I write this post the Alan Parsons Project “Games People Play” is playing in my mind.

“Where do we go from here….” is also a societal question, especially when we add “now that all of the children are growing up.” We are an aging society. There is a decreasing number of youngsters to retires. How do we plan for a future with this knowledge?

The lyrics contain a few questions (and statements) we may ask ourselves to provide some answers.

  • Where do we go from here?
  • How do we spend our time?
  • If I promised you _______, would you believe it?
  • Who is going to give us a hand?
  • Saying ______ doesn’t make it right.
  • I don’t want to live/stay ________ because __________.

For me, many of the answers can be found in connecting. Connecting as in being in a relationship; as in understanding the other person; as in having a trusting relationship.

But, where do we connect? How do we facilitate connections? With whom do we connect?

I challenge you to connect with people of various ages, cultural backgrounds, and interests. Connecting takes time. Trust doesn’t happen immediately. It is earned. Understand requires listening. And, something must draw us into relationship.

One of the most non-threatening ways to draw people in is through music. If you play an instrument, then be part of a community group. If you sing, be part of a  choir. If you play an mp3, exchange a playlist with a person of a different generation.

Drum circles can be a wonderful way to relate to others without words, without the need to read music. A quality facilitated drum circle means participants are listening, responding, reflecting, interacting, engaging with others.

I challenge you to take part in intergenerational groups. The sages of our world have so much to offer us if we provide the time and the opportunity. Starting an intergenerational group takes time and planning, but it can be done. (And, I’m here to assist and encourage you.)

Are there other non-threatening ways to interact? Sure there are. Explore what works for you. Find ways to interact. It will assist you in answering the question: “Where do we go from here?”.

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