Laughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April begins with April Fools Day and Laughter at Work Week (April 1-7, 2013). Laughter is fun AND it is good for you!

According to WebMD, laughter encourages blood flow, may boost the levels of immune cells, may help lower blood sugar, and is a social experience that may improve your quality of life.

In a recent issue of Bright Ideas I shared a few fun resources including some songs for April Fool’s Day. Here is some expanded information.

Brownielocks has an informative history on April Fools. Did you know that fish are part of the celebration in some places? (I’m not fooling!) There are children’s books, interesting pranks, lesson plans for the day and more to be found on the web.

Sometimes laughter comes with silly songs. Here are a few ideas:

For those who enjoy playlists, here is one for those working with older adults and one for children.

What are your favorite songs for April Fool’s Day?


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