Library (Photo credit: thejester100)

Libraries are filled with free resources you will love! Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a therapist, a caregiver, there are great finds at your library.

Here’s a little about what I found on today’s visits and why I think you should become a regular patron on your library. 


I am a patron of the Hays Public Library.  It became a public library in 1904 with a building opening in 1911 thanks to a Carnegie Foundation grant. This building was razed to make way for a new, larger building in 1968. With ever-increasing circulation, an addition and remodel started in 2002 and opened in 2004.  With a busy events calendar, the library is rarely “quiet”. Concerts, quest speakers, movies, education opportunities, story hours, chess  competitions and more make this a great resource to the community.

Most of the singable books and stories I share are found on the shelves there. There are links to those and more I’ve pinned.

At some libraries have a service that allows you to legally download music for FREE. Find out details at Free and Legal Music Downloads from Freegal.

Make friends with your library. It is filled with lots of free resources and maybe some at low-cost.

What free resource do you like at your local library?

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