Storytelling has a long and powerful history. Sometimes our stories can become old as the teller so we look for ways to shake-up our tales. Sometimes the listener needs to experience stories in a different way. As one who shares musical stories with all ages, I love finding inspiring resources.

Recently I assisted preschoolers and adults in turning cans into drums. We then retold the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” using different sounds we made on the cans. It was a ton of fun!

Storytelling with drums

Always on the look out for inspirational resources, I came across Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald. The author of 55 books, she exudes her love of folklore and storytelling. Her website has some amazing resources.

Shake-It-Up Tales!

Why not dance, sing, drum, chant or act out a story? “Shake-It-Up Tales! Stories to Sing, Dance, Drum, and Act Out” by Margaret Read MacDonald is a supportive, creative resource activity professionals, caregivers, music therapists, early childhood professionals and parents will want to check out.  Her book shares tales, methods for sharing them along with many other resources for storytelling.

Following a short introduction on playing with tales, the book is divided into two sections. Each sections and subsection speaks to leading this form of storytelling, providers other resources for stories to tell using this method and provides a sample tale or two within the book.

Section one is my favorite – “chants, claps, motions, and sound effects”.  Section 2 (talk-back tells) shares some wonderfully rich tales and strong ways of sharing them.  These ideas can easily be applied to other stories. The book contains stories from a variety of cultures which adds to the educational and social learning opportunities you can create.

Several of the tales from this book will be included in my upcoming sessions.  There is a wonderful Jewish tale that would be perfect for Older Americans month. There are a couple of snake tales that we may use in my intergenerational “Spiders and Snakes” groups.

Take the time to check out Margaret Read MacDonald and her book “Shake-It-Up Tales!”.

What are your favorite ways to shake-up storytelling?

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