You Gotta Have Heart :-)

You Gotta Have Heart 🙂 (Photo credit: Lady-bug)

You gotta have heart when you are a caregiver. Whether you are a family member providing care or a professional, it takes a lot to provide consistent, needed care. There are physical and emotional demands. Caregiving can affect your social opportunities.

Caregivers provide care for all ages of people. Some may require short-term care while others need it for the long haul.

Caregivers come in all ages and sizes. School age children sometimes assist with caregiving of parents, grandparents or siblings. Caregivers can be retirees caring for older or younger family members. Caregivers can be working a full-time job then providing care in their “off hours”.

Caregiving can be needed whether it is hot or cold, easy or not, spring or winter, morning or night.  It takes heart and gumshen to be a caregiver.

The song “You Gotta Have Heart” from Damn Yankee’s does a pretty good job of describing what it takes. Take a listen.

The song speaks of needing heart, hope, optimism (“not half as bad as it appears”), fortitude (” keep that old horse before the cart”) and laughter. To this list I would add communication, flexibility, and ability to voice your needs/limits.

This Valentines Day take time to check in the caregivers you know. Let them know you care. Ask them how you can help.

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