“Leave Your Sleep” by Natalie Merchant and Barbara McClintock is both a book and a CD. A collection of nineteen poems are set to music. They are beautiful recorded by Natalie. Her website does a wonderful job allowing you to explore the poetry, the music, and a lot of interesting background on the book. There are videos on how it has been created as well as how it has been shared with school children.

Listening to Natalie’s voice is a joy. Young and old alike will enjoy the music, poems and illustrations.. She has selected powerful poems that have a range of emotions set in a variety of musical styles. You can get a feel with this video of “If No One Marries Me” http://youtu.be/JUyOKjK6_j4

For those with preschoolers, I can see reading a poem to a child, then letting the song play while they draw or have some quiet play. “The Dancing Bear” would be a great lead in to talking about things a child enjoys doing with their teddy bear.

For those in senior living communities,  there are many possibilities. For example, “The Blind Men and The Elephant” would be a great lead-in to a conversation on varying views or the information we gain from various experiences.

So leave your sleep and check out this wonderful book and CD. Then let me know in the comments below how you can use it.


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