It is time to share some creative musical fun during International Creative Month. And, time to re-fire the #Cre8tiveSpark challenge. Here’s some vocal and instrumental inspiration.

Our voices are great. They are easily accessible and don’t require assembly. Sing your favorite song. Sing with the radio. Sing the grocery list. Sing a poem. Need inspiration? Check out this list of ice cream sung by Natalie Merchant.

Some folks enjoy playing instruments. It doesn’t take much money to create them from found items. Needing some inspiration? Here are some books to look for at your library or purchase. (Full disclosure: If you purchase a book by clicking this link I receive a little financial support.)

  • “Making Musical Instruments with Kids” is a book I own filled with ideas that are easy to create with little or no skill. During one of my groups this week we made a small version of the String Friction Drum. It will help you think of cans, containers, string, balloons and more in a whole new way.
  • “Rubber-band Banjos and a Java Jive Bass” is filled with easy to make instruments accompanied with science, history and fun facts. This book targets grades 4-7.

Get creative! Have fun! Make music!

Share how you had creative musical fun in the comments below.

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