Activity professionals

by Positive Promotions

Activity professionals make a difference every day in the lives of clients and their families. No mater the adult community, these folks are there assisting, coordinating, connecting, stimulating and supporting folks in living life to its fullest.

This diverse group of professionals are movers and shakers. They create activity calendars based on the interests of the individuals, the corporate recommendations and the state requirements.   A door is always left open for spontaneous activities, too. They work to meet the mental, spiritual, social and emotional needs of each individual. From bingo to bowling, from dominos to Bible study, from crafts to current events…these folks try to make each day special for as many someones as they can.

Activity professionals manage to create a lot of opportunities for memories and fun with limited amounts of time to prepare and plan. That is part of the reason so many of my posts and my newsletter (Bright Ideas) are free, easy to use ideas.

Some may wonder why they are important. When you don’t have a job, how do you spend your day? If you have spent your waking hours for many years working and spent little time in leisure, it can be a re-learning process. If you have limitations, you may require assistance with leisure. This video of quotes has many reasons activities are important:

The week of January 20-26, 2013 is set aside to honor activity professionals. Take time to acknowledge their efforts. Let them know they make a difference every day in someone’s life.

In the comments below, please share the name of an activity professional you know and how they make a difference.

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