Cup of tea

Cup of tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

January is National Tea month. Here are several ideas with one certain to fit you to a T.


It is a great month for hold teas. Pull out the tea pot, special cups, and an assortment of teas to taste. Make finger sandwiches, scones, trifle and special cookies. Break out some soft classical music to accompany your event. Engage a pianist, a string quartet, or a harpist if you are able. Or, play recording of classical works by Debussy, Gabriel Faure, and Bach.

To make the event more special, invite everyone to dress up – women in hats and gloves; men in a shirt and tie. Put table clothes out. Those working in senior living communities could sing “Tea for One” and “Java Jive”.

Kids Day - Teddy Bear Tea Party

Kids Day – Teddy Bear Tea Party (Photo credit: Visit Cape May)

For an intergenerational event of preschoolers and older adults, hold a teddy bear tea. (This idea will also work for children without the adults.) Have everyone bring a teddy bear to the tea. Make teddybear shaped cookies from sugar cookie or gingerbread dough. Cut out a gingerbread man and add to balls for the ears. Consider singing songs including:

  1. “Teddy Bear Picnic”
  2. “Polly Put the Kettle On”
  3. “I’m a Little Tea Pot”
  4. “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear”

Share the history of the teddy bear. Tell the Jazzy Three Bears. Gather books about teddy bears to read like these on Amazon: Teddy Bear Books

Conversation starters:

  • For a little deeper conversation, ask “What song fits you to a t?”.
  • List foods, places, items that begin with the letter “T”.
  • For elders, reminisce about cars that begin with a  T: Model T, Thunderbird, a touring car.
  • Discuss riding on a train.
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