creativity (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

January is International Creativity Month. Consider this a challenge: make creativity a part of each week during the month of January. Then share your creative venture tagging it with #Cre8tiveSpark. Or using this link and inserting your efforts.

In the latest issue of Bright Ideas (click here to access it) I shared my belief in fostering creativity with any age. If you find these ideas helpful, please subscribe here.

Opening up to the creative process lets dreams take flight. Consider including a variety of creative opportunities this month: movement, visual arts, music, cooking.

With children, here are ideas with singing  and structure;  playing and listening;  and a great book along with color songs.

With older adults, here is a starter list of songs and resources about art.

If you aren’t on Twitter, consider sharing how you met the #Cre8tiveSpark challenge by answering on Facebook each Friday. Each week do something creative yourself or offer a creative opportunity for others. Share is on the Music Sparks Facebook page. Together we can create a fun list of creative activities.


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