Beginnings and endings are a great time for reflecting. Today I am reflecting on what was read during 2012 and using that information to meet your needs and interests in the future. Highlights were these most read posts:

12. For the Love of Mud (Earth Day 2012) – “Mud” is a fun book. Some sound ideas to add to the reading of this book with children are shared.

11. The Elderly: How Music Benefits Their Health – Benefits to exercising with music and to listening to music are highlighted.

10. Presidential Election Music from the Past – The election year made this a favorite. With the upcoming inauguration, it might have some use in senior living communities in January 2013.

9. Old Time Love Songs – Here are some top requests in the senior living communities I visit.

8. Children’s Songs for Father’s Day – There are not as many songs about dads so here are thirteen songs about men.

7. Using Music to Address Social Issues – Four reasons I believe music can be used to address social issues.

6. Ode to the Tooth Fairy – Seems lots of people are looking for a Tooth Fairy song.

5. Five Spring Songs for Toddlers – Here are my favorite songs about spring to sing with children.

4. Top Ranked Music Therapy Blogs – This 2011 version gets more hits than the 2012.

3. Time Songs for Children – Eight songs, a couple great resources for more, and some books ideas are shared.

2. Children’s Songs for Earth Day – Five songs to sing about the earth with children.

1. National Nursing Home Week 2012: Celebrating the Journey – Resources for adding songs and art with those in senior living communities.

Which posts were your favorites this year?

Leave your comments below. It will assist me in planning future posts that meet your interests and needs.


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