Two years ago I was introduced to Chris Brogan’s recommendation of having three words to guide the year. My three guides for 2012 were: strengthen, stretch and sustain. Most of my strengthening has been creating new offerings for on-line and learning as much as I can to improve my offerings. Stretching started off with the promised new logo. presenting at a co-presenting at a regional conference, adding programs and writing a book. Sustaining has been most evident in the continued posting every three days and regular participation in a few tweet chats.  2012 has been a special year.

by diana_s

I have taken a lot of time considering what words would serve as a guides for 2013. The more I thought, the more it was images and the characteristics of these images that spoke to me,

The first image is of a tree. The appealing characteristics are being rooted yet flexible, growing though not always in visible ways, producing resources that are specific and special. There is also the aspect of branches leading off the trunk much like the program offering of Music Sparks.

by ZapplePi

A second image is the vibrational ripples in water after something initiates it.  The focus is on the vibration out rather than the creating.  Goals for the year will built  on existing things in a way to radiate out energy, increasingly filling space with music and quality living.

The third image is a flame. The aspects of warmth and light along with a sense of comfort to those participating in sessions and in on-line programs is where you will experience this aspect.

That’s a whole lot more than 3 words. For me they are powerful guides as I step into planning for 2013.  I have used them in setting statements to guide the first quarter of the year. The specific goals support the statements.

Whether you create resolutions, select three words or three images, I encourage you to create guides for your year. Using them to plan actionable steps in your life and your work can assist you in creating the desired results.

What three guides will assist you in 2013? I challenge you to share them in the comments below.

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