There are people who rock our world. They are the people who make us feel special and needed, who care for us, who keep us safe. Some are famous though most are not.

I happen to think people who take part in intergenerational groups rock this world. They are the ones reaching across the perceived barriers of generational divides.

For me, intergenerational groups are about connecting and belonging. It is that simple and that complex. Support is required for connecting and belonging to happen. Thankfully opportunities for intergenerational relationships  are happening. Check out these examples:

Intergenerational programs rock. They rock because they can enrich the lives of participants while meeting special needs of one or both groups. They rock because the opportunities for creating them are broad.

Intergenerational programs involving music are my favorite. Many people see music preferences as divisive yet they need not be. With careful selection and a variety of genres and eras, music can be a connecting and gathering point.

Look at the Cleveland Institute of Music Intergenerational Housing or the  Forever Young Choir or the intergenerational groups lead by Music Together providers. Music is what is bringing these groups together. And it is so much more than these designated programs. Chances are there are retirees sitting next to high schoolers in community bands, choirs, or orchestras in your area.

People rock our world. Music can help us rock together.

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