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Breville Appliances. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Can you cook up healthcare with these?

Cooking alone requires some planning. You have to gather the ingredients and tools to create the food. And, you have to mix the cake before you bake it. More than one cook in the kitchen requires collaboration. Deciding who will complete what tasks is needed if the cooks are to remain friendly.

Just like the kitchen, collaboration is needed in health care. It is most effective when the patient, the doctor(s), the therapist(s), the prescriptions work towards a common goal or cause. For example, when the doctor prescribes a medication and the patient refuses to take it or follow through the outcome will change. Just like the kitchen, collaboration is needed.

Most of us don’t think of  cooking and health care in the same thought. Yes, we get fed when we are in a hospital or senior living facility. Food is important to our health. Yet the ideas of cooking up healthcare is a departure for many of us (and likely seems random).

The source of this random thought came from two events. First, I ran into a branding research idea that spoke about kitchen appliances. It was a different way to ask about attributes of people and translate it into branding. I found it a creative approach.

Then, while taking part in #HCLDR and this tweet showed: 

Soon there was this exchange: 

All this leads me to the following questions:

  1. What role does collaboration have in health care for you?
  2. Who should collaborate in your health care?
  3. What kind of kitchen gadget or appliance are you? Why?
  4. What kind of kitchen gadget or appliance are your health care providers? Why?
  5. How do these gadgets/appliances relate or interact?

Answers to these questions will vary to the person. Our needs and desires are unique. What is important is we as healthcare consumers request the collaboration in our care. Our needs and desires must be considered in a treatment plan.

Health care is complicated. Add in what an insurance plan will an won’t cover and you have a challenging mix.

We need to be sure there is communication and coordination between various doctors and therapists we see. If we think a treatment or a therapy might be beneficial, we need to ask our doctor about it.  Being an advocate for yourself or your loved one is essential to the mix.

As Elin stated “it takes a bunch of kitchen gadgets & appliances, all working together”. Take time considering and discussing theses five questions. The result you cook up will be better health care.

*Want to explore music therapy as a possible treatment? Vist the American Music Therapy Association site to learn more and to find a music therapist in your area. A board certified music therapist can assess for the appropriateness of music therapy in your care and treatment.

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