Cover of "Sleepsong"

Cover of Sleepsong – a sing-able book

Sleepsong” by George Ella Lyon and Peter Catalanotto is a sweet bedtime book set to music. A lead sheet is in the back of the book while a recording can be found on the children’s book page of George Ella Lyon. The “shh” makes it easy for a child to join in.

This book was the jumping off point for a recent preschool library group titled “Waking and Sleeping”. While the children were invited to bring pillows and a blanket it was far from a quiet, sleepy time. Here is part of what was on the list to be shared:

  1. Sleeping Bunnies – a darling little song about sleeping and waking. It is a great opportunity to role play sleep and the animals.
  2. Good Morning to the Sun – This one was opened up for other things we wish to greet with “good morning”.
  3. Brush Your Teeth – Rafi is fun even at “a quarter to one”.
  4. Sticks & Stones – We sang this as we passed out instruments to accompany our next two songs and another book.
  5. Mr. Sun – Seeing the sun in the morning helps the day get started
  6. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – While not many folks work on the railroad it afforded an opportunity to talk about how we spend our day. It also helped set the stage for adding instruments to “Rain Train” by Elena De Roo. This video will explain how it was shared: 
  7. Johnny Hammers with 1 Hammer
  8. Oh the World Outside My Window We sang this one as the scarves were handed out.
  9. I Could Have Danced All Night – We moved and danced around the room.
  10. Colors are Gliding – This is our scarf folding song.
  11. 5 in the Bed – This camp song helped transition to “Sleepsong”

After our feature book we closed with our good-bye song.

What are your favorite songs for children about waking and sleeping? Please share them in the comments below.

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