I am thankful for you my readers. This blog started November 19, 2009. 399 posts and a move later I am still amazed that people read my posts. Seeing searches bring people to posts, having your comments on posts, and welcoming people to my newsletter lets me know I am sharing something of importance to someone.

Thanks to you my readers

You, my readers, matter. Having posts that assist you, serve you and sometimes lightens your mood is my aim. I am thankful for

readers who are parents: Your loving care of a child and interest in enriching their lives with music is admirable.  You are raising the generation that will care for us in our later years.

readers who loving care for aging family members: There is such a mix of emotions and needs that fill your day. Your challenges vary to the person. The compassion you share and the effort you put forth means so much to your loved one.

readers in healthcare professions: What a diverse group you are! Your work, insights and shares increase the depth of what can be offered to clients/patients.

readers who share my enthusiasm for intergenerational programs: Connecting the wealth of a lifetime of experiences with the energy of youth is key in my book as we move forward on this earth. And the learning and enjoyment can be a two-way street. Your efforts matter!

readers who believe in adding joy to lives (especially with music): Joy, smiles, hugs, presence…the stuff of being in relationship with others is so key. Music can play a role in supporting us as individuals and in relationship with others.

To help me better serve you in the years ahead, please take a moment to answer one or more of these questions in the comments below:

  • What resources interest you the most?
  • What helps you most: things to help you relax or things to share with your loved one?
  • What posts have been most meaningful to you this year?

Thank you in advance for your responses!

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