Karma Wilson has created some lovable bear books for children. Among them is one to add to your collection of singable books: “Bear Says Thanks”.  This sweet tale is great for discussing topics of sharing, friendship and being thankful.

This bear wants to thank is friends by sharing a meal. The problem is his cupboards are empty. See how bear and his friends address this problem.

Here are some thoughts on sharing this book.

Spend some time asking what the children can share.

Things like sharing our toys, a book, a song, a hug or smile are ones children often share in my groups. It is a chance to point out how everyone can share something.

Spend some time finding out what makes a friend.

The friends in this book are very different from each other  yet they “tweet and chatter” together. Find out how the children decide someone is a friend. You might be surprised.

Spend some time saying thanks.

Words like please and thank you are important. Ask the children:

  • how having a friend say thanks makes them feel.
  • when they say thanks
  • to list things for which they are thankful.

Here is how I sing “Bear Says Thanks” : 

Thank you for checking out this post. Please share what you are thankful for in the comments below.

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