thankful for musicians who impacted by lifeI am thankful for musicians. They have come across many years and span from professional to student. They include the well-known and those known only to a few. They helped me become the musician, the music therapist I am today. And to them I say THANK YOU.

Thank you Mom & Dad

My parents were amateur musicians who shared their love of music with me. These are the people who raised me in a household filled with music, sang with me, paid for lessons, took me to concerts, encouraged me to try a range of music making possibilities.

Thank you Julian B. Aubuchon

My first band director, a man with a love for music and for teaching, a man who shared his stories of playing under Sousa with us. You started me on my path in so many ways. While I rarely play my flute these days, when I think of Eureka, KS I think of you. I wish I had known then that you were a published author and a force in music education. Not that as a young child I could have fully appreciated that, but maybe I would have taken time to ask a few more questions. My only regret is I didn’t thank you during your lifetime for what you provide me and countless other students – great music making in a small town.

Thank you piano teachers.

Mom, Mrs. Francis, Mr. Ludwig, and others –  You encouraged me to explore a range of music genre’s and helped me develop the skills that allowed me to get lose track of time when in the creative process. Finding that time could seem to disappear in the creation and re-creation of music is what opened me to the field of music therapy (and provided me many important keyboard skills).

Thank you opera greats

Beverly Sills

Cover of Beverly Sills

Joan Sutherland, Beverly Sills, and countless other great voices filled my ears growing up thanks to Dad. Until I saw my first opera, I could appreciate the beauty of your voice but didn’t fully appreciate the power it carried. Now I appreciate opera. Hearing people like Joyce DiDonato in person and hearing her teach still amazes me.  And, thank you to my friends  Kathleen Flynn, Joe Perniciaro and  Ivalah Allen who share this love with me, their students and especially with my darling daughter.

Thank you performers

The radio was my big companion as a teen. Singing along to the radio was a big way to pass time. Thank you to the many artists/performers who created music for filling that space.

The have been many memorable performances in my lifetime. Living rural, the Community Concert Association series allowed great opportunities to be up close and personal with artists. Attending concerts has continued to feed my love and understanding of music with more groups and individuals than feasible to name in this post.

Thank you clients

Many of you have never thought of yourself as musicians, but you are. You have shared your willingness to try, to take risks, to discover, to learn and to explore. We’ve created  powerful moments that are etched in my memory (and I hope also in yours).

Thank you family

In addition to my parents, I have been surrounded by musicians in my home. There is nothing like a household full of children practicing various instruments, none playing the same thing at the same time to teach you the definitions of cacophony and of synchronicity. Cousins, aunts, and uncles have also shared their musicianship with me.

Musicians for whom I am thankfulI am also blessed to have a charming and talented husband, Jeff Jordan, who directs and composes. While I love seeing him direct and I love hearing his compositions, it is when I see Jeff conduct his compositions I and other experience the full power of his gift. Thank you Jeff for taking me along to experience your thoughts in and around your music making as a conductor and composer.

Last but not least, my darling daughter totally amazes me. How she manages to keep all her musical interests going is beyond comprehension at times. Seeing her as a high schooler on stage, traveling to perform and requesting opportunities to make quality music with others that desire the same makes me so proud. Thank you dear daughter for affording me this opportunity to see you finding joy in, through and around the music making process.

For what musicians are you thankful? Share them in the comments below.

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