Not So Loud drums

Remo NSL Tubanos

Say drums, drumming or drum circle and a thought that pops into many minds is TOO LOUD! It doesn’t have to be so. Remo has now created Not So Loud drums.

Fortunately, senior living community members who haven participants my drum circle haven’t said they were is too loud. If anything, the sound has draws a few more seniors into the group. However, the sound can make it difficult for staff in the area to talk on the phone. And, if I am with a client in their apartment or room, we may not want everyone to hear what we are doing.

Enter the Not So Loud Drum. I had the pleasure of playing one during the Not So Loud Drum  Circle at the American Music Therapy Association conference held during October 2012. I found the drum still had a great sound and the resonance in my body was still there. The more rubber like feel to the drum head had a very comfortable feel.

Check out the comparison on the video by West Music.

The wonderful part of conferences is the opportunity to speak with music therapists already using the Not So Loud Drums. They reported a positive response to the drums especially with clients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Now several of the Not So Loud Drums are on my wish list. In the mean time, I’ll keep leading my drum circles with the drums I have.

The month of November is International Drum Month. I challenge you to attend a drum circle during the month and experience active music making in this setting. If you have an opportunity to play a Not So Loud Drum, I’d love to hear your experiences. And, I invite you to read posts by other music therapists about drums and drumming:

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