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English: A frightful Halloween pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This frightful tale has its origins in my days at Girl Scout camp and babysitting in the 1970’s.

The Girl Scout portion comes from sitting around a campfire, singing tons of crazy and serious songs and telling stories. It was there I learned many strange, silly songs that I still enjoy. It has also inspired me to consider music from the element of surprise.

Babysitting brought listening to “Radio Mystery Theatre” or watching “The Twilight Zone” once the kids were in bed.  Twists and turns in the stories held my attention while making me sensitive to the sounds around me.

Yeah, I know, cut to the case on the tale. But first you need to know why it might be frightful.

  1. The material (songs) are oddly strung together (like some I learned in Girl Scouts).
  2. It is a little long, rough but doable. Pitch, predictability, and accuracy are not always present in my video example(like the characters in my babysitting memories).
  3. You may question what is wrong with me (the part that does make this personally frightful.)

What follows was created for sharing in some of the local senior living communities. It takes into account a little about the seniors and what songs they enjoy. In the approximately 7 minutes segment you will get a taste of my playfulness, creativity, willingness to be…. well, you be the judge.

Now that you’ve seen a portion of this “frightful tale”, let me explain.

  •  It is structured out of snippets of songs similar in fashion to one we sang at Girl Scout camp.
  •  There are so many ways this frightful tale can be shared (sung as a group or with a different person for every song). Perfection is not the goal. Fun is.  Dramatically playing with the songs, changing a word here or there is part of this creation and opens it to ongoing creativity.
  • It’s long. But life and our stories can be long. And, I wanted the snippets to be long enough and some portions repeated enough those with some memory issues could vocally join in the fun.
  • Yes, I know the pitch center is changing but it did at camp, too. And, it will in groups, too.

What frightful songs do you like to sing around Halloween? Share them in the comment box below.

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