Last week I shared how family fun with music could include singing and structure. This post will share how music can be used for family fun by playing and listening.

Family Fun Way 3 – Playing

“Fun” is the operant word. Being a skilled musician or a family of musicians is not required. It is the process of enjoying and making memories that should be your focus. Links to fun ideas are often shared on Music Sparks Facebook page.

If you are a family of musicians go for playing duets, trios or whatever. Be sure the music is something playable by the all. If your family has non-musicians in the bunch, add a part for triangle, jingle bells, or a drum.

For “non”instrumentalist, simple instruments can be purchased or made at little to no cost. My family will tell you I’m big into recycling.  What better way to recycle than to make your own instruments!  Some fabulous ideas for creating instruments appropriate for children & adults alike can be found here. For more ideas, keep an eye on the Music Sparks Facebook page where I share fun resources from time to time.

Another great family friendly instrument is the kazoo which you can  purchase or make. There are some terrific ideas for using kazoos in entertainment in this PDF by Kazoobie Kazoos. If you want something extra special and don’t feel skilled in music, check out Music K-8  “Fun With Kazoo”. This is  downloadable. Based on what I heard in the sound clips, this is a fun resource.

Family Fun Way 4 – Listening

Many people think of listening to music requiring one to sit still. While this has its place, it doesn’t have to be the rule in your family fun. One can actively listen (what people traditionally think of as listening to music )  or passively listen (do something else while the music plays).

Interjecting a variety of music styles to your families listening.  – classic, ethnic, rock, country… A few resources include:

For passive listening, consider drawing, painting, moving, acting out the music…the list is endless. Carrots are Orange has some Montessori inspired listening ideas.

What is your family’s favorite way to have fun with music?

Please share it in the comments below.  And, be watching for future family fun posts.
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