Regular readers of my posts and newsletters know I like sharing ideas for including music for in making each day special. Why do I do this?

Because I believe we each matter – no matter our abilities or our challenges.

I believe each day is a gift. It is up to each of us to make it the best day we can, to find something positive to share.

Whether it is a child’s first steps, a birthday, or a softly falling snow, I believe in taking time to enjoy something each day. It is these little things that make each day special. And, the big things can be special, too.

I believe in enjoying myself. Laughter, giggles, play, the feel of a job well done… those are the memories I treasure most. It is fun times with my brother, my grandparents, my Mom that give me comfort in those moments when I miss their earthly presence.

I believe through our sharing we impact the lives of others. What we share has power. Use that power for good. Share a smile, a hug, a kind word, an acknowledgement, a few moments of listening – really listening. Sharing doesn’t have to cost money or a ton of time. It does take your presence. One person can make a difference in their own life and in those around them. (In fact, this post is in response to Dr. Susan Giurileo posting a challenge.)

The people whose paths have crossed mine (in both positive and negative ways) have helped form me into who I am today. I believe in celebrating others. This especially applies to my family. There is great joy in seeing them meet goals, receive honors because I know a little of what it took to get there.

I believe in God. Yet, I know we experience, call, and relate to all things including God in our own unique ways. As your experiences and faith differ from mine, learning about yours enriches my understanding. I even learn from those who question my faith. My faith encourages me to make each day special, to see even my challenges as a gift. (Sometimes this is SO challenging, but I strive for that perspective.)

I believe the housework will still be there. Taking time to care for myself, to care for those I love, to provide the very best to my clients is more important than having my floors squeaky clean. Yes, I clean but if people get the attention today my housework will be there tomorrow.

I believe we were all made unique and also alike. Too often people assign personal attributes and behaviors based upon how someone looks or is dressed. But isn’t it wonderful we have differences so we can tell one from the other? And, if we take the time to get to know someone who is different from us we can find something in common even if only our human nature.

I believe in the existence of rhythm. I see it in the rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, the seasons of the year, the tides at the beach, my breath, my heart beat, in the music that surrounds me.

Music has challenged me to be more accurate and to be more free; to control and to let go; to feel and to reflect; to move and to be silent; to improve and to accept; to be alone and to be part of a group. Music has been a part of every day of my life.

I believe music is a powerful reflection of life. It exists in time, often conveys emotion, and can help us remember our experiences. Most music has a rhythm. Like life, the tempo can vary, the pulse can change. And, at time the rhythm is less predictable. When the rhythm is interrupted we may be alerted can learn how preciousness of ordinary moments. We learn that a breath can be our last. That moment can’t be re-experienced anew.

That, that is why I try to make each day special (and include a little music).

Now it’s your turn. What do you believe?

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