Kids want to have fun. They love it when moms and dads join them in activities. Many families equate family fun with ball games, board games or watching TV. Family fun also includes music!

Music is a WONDERFUL activity for families. No, you don’t need to play an instrument or have vocal training to share music with your child. You do need a desire to interact with you child, to share with them, to experience, and to explore. You need to model enjoying the process.

In this series I will share four ways to do just that starting with …

Family Fun Way 1 -Sing

Singing along

Singing along (Photo credit: fmgbain)

Singing is free and is available to use in many situations. Learning to appropriately use your voice and to become of aware of the sounds we can create with our voice are important skills.

It’s okay if you can’t “sing your way out of a paper bag.” Perfection isn’t the goal. For those who are less comfortable singing, start by singing with the radio or recordings.

Songs are a great way to aid learning. Most of us learned our alphabet by singing the ABC’s.  It is increasingly true for other subjects.

Singing encourages listening skills – singing the same or different notes; the quality of the sound being made; how high/low, loud/soft we are singing.

Songs can be a way to pass time when the power is out or when you are waiting in the car.  Your voice is “packed and ready to go” .

Remember, the best part of family fun with music is giving the gift of time interacting and making great memories.

Family Fun Way 2 – Structure

Time Flows On...

Time Flows On… (Photo credit: ecstaticist)

A song happens within time. You can use it as a timer for tasks.  It can let a child know what is time to do.

  • Let’s sing Barney’s clean-up song three times and see if we can pick up all the toys while we do that.
  • Soap your hands while I sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.
  • Time for bed. Let’s sit and rock as we listen to this song.
  • Load the car before we are done singing, “Call Me Maybe”.

You can take turns creating playlists for tasks to add some appropriate fun such as house cleaning or washing the car.

Remember, the best part of family fun with music is giving each other the gift of time interacting and making great memories.

Be watching for the next post on Family Fun with Music. In the mean time, please share in the comments below your family’s favorite song to sing or your favorite way to use music for structure.

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