Arts are an important way for all of us to express and to experience the world. Movement, literature, theatre, visual arts, music….all are wonderful forms of self expression. The singable book “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” brings together visual arts, literature and music in a creative, silly way

The colorful illustrations by David Catrow helps bring the book to life and seem to hold the attention of preschoolers. When sharing this book I do advise the children that painting the house or themselves like shown in the book is less than a good idea.

Here is part of what we did at the Hays Public Library. Feel free to what works for your group in your situation. I selected colors that matched the pentatonic Boomwhackers® used in the group. Other color songs could easily be used.

  • Welcome Song
  • Share “Ain’t Gonna Paint No More”. (In this session, I’m sharing the book twice. Also the children who attend tend to be a little quieter and more reserved at the start of our group.)
  • Handout “palettes” with paint colors.
  • Sing “The ___ in my ___ are orange” to: “The Wheels on the Bus”
  • Yellow shared with “Twas Just a Little Bit of Luck”. (Some seated movement to a song many have sung before in Music Sparks groups.)
  • Green shared with singing and moving to “Grumph Went the Little Green Frog”. (Getting some gross motor movement going with this one.)
  • Sing “I like purple grapes”   “Oh, Susanna”
  • Sing “____ can be red” to: “Farmer in the Dell”
  • Review colors with a rhythmic groove
  • Boomwhacker® Rules
  • Create play of Boomwhackers® with direction
  • Re-read “Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” playing body part with Boomwhacker®
  • Exchange Boomwhackers® for paint brushes
  • Love Grows

It is my hope this assists you in sharing this wonderful book and colors with your own group of children.

What singable books about colors do you like share with preschoolers?

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