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Retirement has many rewards and many challenges. One of the rewards is time to pursue interests. For many, one of the challenges is limited funds. Luckily, music can be affordable retirement fun.

While there are ways to spend lots of money to include music (e.g. – concert tickets, taking lessons), here are some affordable music ideas that you can use alone or with others. Try them out and what you find to be fun.

Affordable Retirement Music Making

Whether it is singing or playing an instrument music making has health benefits. Here are some ideas to consider:


  • Play your instrument. Have fun no matter the instrument – piano, guitar, trumpet, kazoo…. Just have fun!
  • Sing. Just sing. Don’t judge yourself, just enjoy exploring your voice.
  • Create music through partner songs, improvisation, or original composition. 

With others

  • Play or sing in a community group. Depending on your musical tastes, your ability, and community there are likely community bands/choirs, barber shoppers, handbell choirs. Be sure and check with religious organizations and institutions to see what opportunities they might have.
  • Form your own group if you can’t find one that suits your interest. 
  • Teach lessons. If you have the skills this is a great way to stay active as a musician.

Affordable Retirement Music User

Think of being an active listener when checking out these affordable fun ways.


  • Listen to the radio. Listen to your favorite stations. Also try listen to stations those of younger generations enjoy. You might find a new song or groups you enjoy.
  • Listen to recordings. Check out what is in your private collection. Visit the library and check out others. Exchange recordings with others.
  • Listen to cable music channels. Many providers have music channels. If you receive them, you might as well listen. Because you are paying for that option as well as the stations you receive.
  • Exercising to music. Find something that supports the activity and your pace.

With others

Many of the items you can do alone, you can also do with one or more other people. Consider adding:

  • Dancing. Community centers, civic groups may offer these. If not, invite your friends and enjoy!
  • Attend performances. Check offerings at the library, community centers, community events, religious groups, public schools. Often they have concerts or recitals for little or no cost.

There are many other ways to use music at home and find music in your community on a limited retirement budget. Share yours and together we can spark a great resource for others.

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