Movement is something many of us take for granted. We move along without pain unaware of  the role movement plays in our health. That is until something or someone brings that message home.

I have seen physical therapists working with older adults to regain mobility after a hip fracture or a stroke. I have been honored to work along side physical therapist who strive to assist clients of all ages have the highest level of function for the best quality of life.

World Physical Therapy Day (Sept 8, 2012) has a theme of  “Movement for Health – Fit for Life”. The World Conference for Physical Therapy has four key messages they are lifting this day:

• If you want to keep healthy, keep moving – all
through your life.
• People who stay active are more likely to keep
working, engaging and enjoying without having
to depend on others. They are fit for life.
• Inactivity causes disability and contributes to
millions of deaths around the world every year.
It can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and
• You’re never too young or too old to stay
active – just half an hour of moderate exercise
(like walking fast) every day can make a real

Most of us can use these key messages to inform our lives – before (or after) we require the skilled assistance of a physical therapist. Move each day as you are able. Parents should join their kids in moving: play a game in the yard, ride bikes, go for a walk, …

hokey pokey

hokey pokey (Photo credit: sun dazed)

As a music therapist, I like to recommend adding some music to the mix. Dance, sing, play, march…have fun.

  • Do the Hokey Pokey or the Chicken dance as a family.
  • Dance a polka or the macarena or any dance for that matter.
  • Play freeze dance letting the children have a chance to start & stop the music.
  • Create some instruments and march around the house.

Let’s support our physical therapist by getting people up and moving. And remember to have fun while you move.

A big thank you to physical therapists for all you do to help people live a quality life.

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