As a mom, having a child become three was a thrill. She loved reading books (over and over), singing songs, helping with simple tasks, playing with the dog. Together as a family we had a lot of joy sharing interests like the beach, trains, and horses. Experiencing the world with her was generally fun.

Now Music Sparks is entering the thrilling threes I am finding some similarities. A book is in the works; lots of simple ideas are shared through this website and newsletter; my dogs keep me company while I blog and do paperwork; and I am exploring where to take the business.

Over the last year I have met some amazing people who are assisting me to grow. Three of them are social media connections that you should check out:

  1. #Eldercarechat – This is a chat using Twitter at 1pm ET on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday  of the month. This group discusses issues around caregiving for older adults. It is a great place to find ideas to use and supportive people. In addition, you can find this group on LinkedIn.
  2. Coffee, Tea & Parenting – This is a group of five therapists (of which I am one) who work with different populations. We have a book and website in the works. Currently, we invite you to join us in conversation of Facebook.  (This is the best place for keep up to date with all the goods we plan to share.)
  3. Hashtip – Think of shared tips on products, activities, deals and reviews which are open to conversation. This group also holds tweetchats and webinars. While this site is focused on moms, dads and grandparents may also find useable information.

You may notice none of these groups directly ties to my big passion of intergenerational services. Currently I am writing a book to encourage others to offer this type of program – ages 2 through 5 with older adults.  Knowing how limited the prep time is for many people, I’m sharing ideas that you can use with little preparation. The book will contain answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive on intergenerational programs. My aim is to create an easy to use format so those with basic knowledge of leading groups and the assistance of a musician(s) can share the materials. Music therapists may find these ideas easy to adapt for your sessions.

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What other resources would you like to see me share during this thrilling third year? Place your answer in the comments below.


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