Sing, move and play with a child using any or all of these CD’s by Margie La Bella.

Margie La Bella, a music therapist and educator, is the owner of Music Therapy Tunes. Margie was kind enough to send me a copy of  the three CD’s: Sing!, Move! and Play! to review for you. There are downloadable lyric & chord sheet available on the website which educators and therapists (and parents) will appreciate.

Sing, Move and Play are filled with action songs for use with children of varying ages and can easily adapted for to meet varying abilities. Parents will appreciate the new treatment of the few traditional children’s songs included in the CD collection.


Sing by Margie La Bella

Sing! is described as “action songs with sounds, words and simple sentences.  The CD has 12 songs with alternative versions of  three songs. This CD has songs encouraging vocalization. My favorite songs from Sing! are:
  • Open Your Mouth and Sing – Is great for practicing ah, ooh, ee.
  • Animal Song – A fun echo song that comes in two versions.
  • Tap It on Your Head – This groovy little song is infectious.

Move by Margie La Bella

Move is described as “action songs about simple concepts and following directions.” This CD has 11 songs on 16 tracks. Extra tracks offer different versions of some of the songs. My favorites from this CD are:

  • Everybody Wave Hello: I like that it ends telling the children “it’s listening time”.
  • Move and Stop: Various body parts are included in this fun song.
  • Music Time is Over: The gentle flow of this song makes and the repetitive nature make it easy to sing.


Play by Margie LaBella

Play is described as “action songs about movement, body percussion and simple rhythm instruments.” It has 11 songs on 22 tracks. The extra tracks provide options for use as well as descriptions of what to do.My favorite tracks from Play! are:

  • Soft, Loud, Slow, Fast: This is my favorite track. Using a gospel, boogie style it is not your typical instruction song.
  • Sound off: A Goodbye song that involves a count down with an echo.
  • The concepts of Hear & Do would, in my opinion, work best with live instruments. Some children might require visual cues of what movements are paired with which sounds. That said, the track would be a great for instrument identification if you were unable to bring instruments.

For me, is Margie’s shopping cart has an option for purchasing a mix of either five or ten songs. This let’s you pick what fits the needs and interests of your students, children, or clients. Check out these CD’s for yourself at Music Therapy Tunes. 

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