Animal songs for children are common. Animal songs for adults requires a little thought. You want to sing something familiar but not childish. Maybe that is why one of the top searches bringing people to Music Sparks is “animal songs for adults”.

Until now that search on Music Sparks has led people to Animal Songs for Young and Old.  That post lists seven songs for older adults and eleven for intergenerational groups. Given the traffic to the post, I want to assist you more by adding a few more suggestions to that list of 18.

  • Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear – Though not a living animal, it is an Elvis tune many know.
  • Free as a Bird – Beatles songs are familiar to many.
  • La Paloma – This tune has been performed by a variety of people.
  • Alley Cat – Great for moving and dancing
  • Cow Cow Boogie – Those in senior living communities may tend to know the Ella Fitzgerald version.
  • Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends – This would be a great closer for an animal themed sing-along.
  • Calypso –  While people may not know the verses, they likely can sing the chorus of this John Denver classic.
  • Lonely Goat Herder – From The Sound of Music. Why not invite the group to add the yodeling?
  • Ghost Riders in the Sky – This Gene Autry classic will be one they will recognize
  • Back in the Saddle Again – Another cowboy classic
  • Camptown Races  – Folk songs can be ageless.
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Another pop tune that has been popular many times.
  • Erie Canal – A folk song that includes a mule
  • Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road – A fun song about an unforgettable smell.

What topics would you like assistance developing? Share in the comments below. It may become a future post.

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*A thank you to my friends at Green Book of Songs for being a resource for some of these tunes.


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