August observances include “What will be your legacy?”. According to a legacy legally is a “gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest.”. And It may also be “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” I tend to focus more on the “anything handed down” definition.

There are positive and negative sides to legacy. We can carry the good and bad with us.  Both the positive and negative are powerful aspects as a daughter and as a mom when I consider my legacy.

One legacy in both of these roles is music. My mom sang with me and played piano. She was my first piano teacher. Mom was my reminder to practice. I adored playing piano duets with her as a young teen. My daughter has grown up surrounded by music from both parents. She has had me teach her a few chords on the guitar. There are many songs we have sung together over the years.

Given this legacy of music, let me start with the song that immediately comes to my mind in both these legacy roles.

As a daughter, I know there are many legacies I carry from my mother:

  • her looks,
  • a strong interest in music,
  • a desire to help others,
  • a creative nature,
  • a short temper,
  • a tendency to waken quickly to sounds,
  • issues with my thyroid,
  • a get ‘er done attitude
  • an ability to create a meal from odd “leftovers” and items,
  • an interests in natural foods.

According to my daughter, I am leaving a legacy of:

  • music
  • caring for others 
  • selflessness

She found this a difficult question to answer so I appreciate what she did share.

How does the concept of legacy inform the choices you make in your life? Have you considered making a musical family history? Please share your responses in the comments below.

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