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I grew up in a parsonage – my dad was a pastor and my mom managed the family. Despite what people might think, my family loved to clown around. We laughed and played, learning to enjoy life.

One of my favorite childhood memories happened on a summer evening.  We had a pretty standard pattern of  household chores in the morning with the exception of evening dinner dish duty.  After the dishes we would go out to the lawn for some family game time .

Dad wasn’t there for games that night. (I imagine he had a meeting but really can’t recall.) We went in & the younger kids went upstairs to get cleaned-up for bed. Mom informed me it was time to defrost the fridge. (Yes, I was born before frost-free refrigeration.) This chore never happened at night but knowing better than to argue, I started emptying the fridge into coolers and heating water for the process. When the task was done, I went to dispose of the frost in the yard per usual. Mom stopped me stating she would take care of it. I was sent up to go to bed.

We girls had a view of the backyard from our bedroom. So I watched as my mom took the frost outside and left it in the tray between the house and a big elm tree. I quickly got into my pj’s and looked again.

Mom was making balls with the frost. She hid behind the tree. Dad pulled into the garage and started to walk across the yard. Mom promptly began throwing frost balls at Dad. There was tons of laughter by my parents as the frost flew around the yard.

That laughter has stuck with me for many years. Having this image of my parents makes me hope my daughter remembers the laughter and good times when she is my age.

The first week of August is National Clown Week. This is the perfect time to interject some silliness and great memories into your life.

Clown songs:

Sing them, act them out, play them on a kazoo..whatever speaks to the funny bones in your family.

 Playful Fun

  • For those with young children, visit  the Childcare Lounge for a couple of partner songs, book suggestions and some easy ideas.
  • Why not have a packing relay with old oversized clothing and a hat or wig to wear? Put the items on at the start line. Run to the second point with an old bag or suitcase. Put all the items into the bag/suitcase before running with it to the start line for the next person to start the process.
  • Explore face painting.
  • Find videos at the library or online of famous clowns. Discuss what made them funny.
  • Use the Clown name generator and have a nick-name for a day.
  • Have a meal of silly foods like the ones on this Pinterest board by Katie Anderson.

Join me in making this a week of fun, silly memories.

What fun things will you add to your clown week? Please share them in the comments below.

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