One of the most popular posts of the last year on Music Sparks has been the  “Top Ranked Music Therapy Blogs” post. As your searches have shown an interest and I am curious myself, I decided to provide a 2012 edition. Realize that what makes a site most important to you is unique to your need. What you will find in this list is a real mix – sites for music therapists, to those with children to those living. This list is created from Google searches and Alexis ratings.So, here are the top music therapy blogs (2012 edition).

*The descriptions are my own and are meant to provide highlights of what you will find on the sites. They are by no means a detailed review.

#10. Dr. John Carpente’s Developmental Music Health : This site is aimed more at music therapists and other professionals.

#9. Explore Music Therapy/Music Therapy Services of Austin: This site moved this year from Explore Music Therapy to Music Therapy services of Austin. There are songs, resources and music therapy shares that will be appreciated by music therapists, childcare providers and parents. There is an ebook and inspire newsletter available for purchase that are great time savers in planning.

#8. Key Changes Music Therapy: There are a mix of posts here. Many posts will help increase understanding of  music therapy. Resources and fun ideas are mixed in. A free twice a month newsletter is available. For those in the Columbia, South Carolina area there is information on obtaining services, consultations and engaging Natalie to speak.

#7.Soundscape Music Therapy : This site is an amazing resource for those working or living with older adults. Whether at home or in a senior living community, you’ll find helpful tips and ideas. Newsletters and resources are free. If you live in the Kansas City area, there are resources specific to your area. Looking for a gift for an elder in the KC area? Check out Rachelle’s “Friendly Music Visits”.

#6. The Music Therapy Show/Heartbeat Music Therapy: With a weekly podcast/radio show this site is jam packed with information for the music therapists and others interested in learning more about music therapy. Janice has a free ebook with tips for connecting with your child parents will want to be sure and grab.

#5. Music Therapy’s Blog Marysville University in St. Louis, MO has a site that ranks high. There’s a description of their program, videos, music therapy job lists, and posts on various aspects of music therapy & the program there. This site might be helpful to those considering a music therapy degree.

#4. Rhythm for Good: Music therapists love this site for all the great ideas Kat shares. Her “Music Making Monday” posts and videos are entertaining and informative. Those outside music therapy will also enjoy the  ideas. Be sure and check out the fabulous Boomwhacker® ideas.

#3. Music Sparks: This site (that you are currently viewing) offers materials for those who live or work with preschoolers and older adults. There are also lots of resources for intergenerational music groups. A free twice a month newsletter is available with AWESOME ideas to fill your sessions or enrich lives. If you live in northwest Kansas and are interested in services, consults or engaging me as a speaker, please contact me by using the blue button on the left.

#2. Music Therapy Maven: Targeted towards music therapist, this site is also a resource for other healthcare professionals. Book reviews, resources and thought provoking posts are shared. New therapy professionals of various disciplines will find helpful ideas on this site.

#1. The Mindful Music Therapist: Roia shares her inspirations, experiences and the power of music in these well-crafted posts. The goal of the site is to share what she has learned working with her clients diagnosed with various developmental delays. Her love of her work and respect for her clients shines through.

Again, this is not a scientific top 10 balancing scores from different resources. It isn’t even the 10 posts I most visit. Board certified music therapist work with people from birth through death, at home to community to facility settings. The increasing presence of music therapy on the web shares important glimpses to that diversity.

I’m proud to be a board certified music therapist. If you’d like to learn more, be sure and visit the American Music Therapy Association site along with the blogs listed above.

*If you are a music therapist and your site is not listed above, please add it to the comments below.

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