English: Old make-up mirror. Deutsch: Alter Sc...

English: Old make-up mirror. Deutsch: Alter Schminkspiegel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some special days go by with little notice but have the potential for great impact. Compliment you mirror day  (July 3rd) is one of them.

There are a lot of people who have issues looking at themselves in the mirror. Some people love looking in the mirror.

Here are some ideas for having a mirror discussion with older adults. Some of these songs might also work in an intergenerational discussion with teens and older adults.

Do they see Jesus in me? (Joy Williams) – This one would be most appropriate for Christians. Use the questions in the lyrics as points of reflections. Take time to reflect on the times they have been Christ-like n addition to the times they could have acted in a different manner.

Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) – This song might work in an intergenerational group of older adults and teens/20 somethings. You will need to get the older adults to focus more on the lyrics. Questions might include: What are some bad habits you see in others? What does it take to change habits in a life? What things to do see as needing changed in your life?

Mirror Mirror (Barbara Mandrell) – For the Country music fan, this might be the one to start a discussion. Asking ourselves about relationships in which see view ourselves as foolish can be a conversation starter.

The Mirror (from “The Mirror Has Two Faces“) – An instrumental piece, I selected this one more as a short piece for background music on a guided vision. Have them look into the mirror in their mind looking for a beautiful moment. then have them share or draw that moment.

Reflections (Tony Bennet) – This song reflects on old love. How have your romantic relationships shaped your life?

Smash the Mirror (from “Tommy“) – Discuss why people might want to smash a mirror. Do they believe breaking a mirror brings bad luck?

Have you ever explored attitudes towards mirrors with older adults? Please share in the comments how you set up the discussion.

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