Dad’s often get the short end. Mother’s Day falls during the school year here in the U.S.. Father’s Day happens during summer. That means lots of fun gifts & cards for mom but not so many for dad. And, we don’t have as many books, songs and activities to celebrate fathers.

The Preschool Bloggers Network decided we wanted to share our thoughts on celebrating dads – Father’s Day or any day. After you check out my special shares, please be sure and hop around these other blogs filled with great ideas. Some of the posts also address children with dads who have died, are away, and other settings. No matter what you are looking for, chances are you will end up with a list of books, songs and activities to fill much more than a single day with dad!

First, I decided to search out a book about a dad that would inspire a little music. Lucky me, I found two.

Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti

Baby Dance (Harper Growing Tree)

Next, I developed these ideas for the books. Take a look!

Share your thoughts below on these books and activities. Then check out these other great resources.


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