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Music guitar (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

In my first “5 Go To’s” post I shared blogs for intergenerational ideas, This post focuses on music resources.

Working with old, young and both together calls upon a wide variety of music. The diversity is great for me as it keeps me thinking. But, I do need help from time to time with music ideas. Here are my top 5 go to’s for music ideas.

1. Green Book of Songs: This is often a starting point when I am working on a theme for adults and wish to expand my list. It is well worth the low-cost membership to access this resource if you are a music therapist or an activity staff member working with older adults.

2. The Guitar Guy: This site helps speed me along in accompanying old classic tunes that older adults love. Plus the information on who recorded various songs adds a lot to our conversations.

3. King County Library has a nice L-O-N-G list of Fingerplays, Rhymes and Songs. There are so many children’s songs here. There is also a themes list.

4. The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl is a family friendly podcast. It allows me to find some new songs and reminds me of golden oldies.

5. Spike’s Music Collection: This site has the music recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary which includes original works and many folk songs. For intergenerational groups, I often use a mix of music. Folk music is often user-friendly to this group.

What are your favorite music resources? Please share them in the comments below.

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